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The 28 drinks Bitter Edition includes the classic flavours of tonic water, bitter lemon and ginger ale.

All of the varieties are available in trays of 24 x 0.25 l cans or reusable cases of 12 x 1 litre Pet bottles.



With its luminescent crimson colour and the fruity flavour of the Brazilian açaí berry, 28 DRINKS Açaí brings a touch of the exotic and tasteful variety into everyday life. adding a burst of colour and flavour to cocktails, this drink is delicious straight with ice.

Bitter Lemon


28 DRINKS Bitter Lemon goes especially well with vodka or gin. Enjoyed on its own, the combination of refreshing fruit and the distinctive notes of bitter creates a highly refined experience.

Ginger Ale


28 DRINKS Ginger Ale combines elegant freshness with a good dose of sweetness and piquant sharpness. It's no wonder that this refined delicacy is more popular than ever – even without something strong to go with it.

Pink Grapefruit Mint


28 DRINKS Pink Grapefruit Mint is a new and incomparable taste experience. The perfect basis for extraordinary coctail drinks and bittersweet satisfaction whenever it is enjoyed straight.