Dolly Madison Bakery (snack cake and pastries)

“Cakes and pastries fine enough to serve at the White House.” That is how food specialist Roy Nafziger described his Dolly Madison snack cakes at their introduction in 1937. Roy’s fascination with American First Lady, Dolley Madison, lent him the name and inspiration to create a high quality snack fit for a socialite like Madison yet affordable for everyone.


In Canada, the newly introduced Dolly Madison line has proven to be a great success, with high demand continually rising for the value-priced Family Packs. 


Our Dolly Madison Lines include (Family Pack x 6 servings): Raspberry Zingers, Chocolate Zingers, Chocolate Cupcakes (cream-filled), Cinnamon Coffee Cake, and Donut Gems.


Single Serve: Raspberry Zingers, Chocolate Zingers, Vanilla Zingers, Honey Buns, Chocolate Cupcakes, Cinnamon Coffee Cake, Donut Gems, Apple Pie and Cherry Pie and more.


Single serve weights vary between 92g (3.23 oz) for Cinnamon Coffee Cake and 128g (4.25 oz) for the Zingers.


All bilingual packaging (English/French) for sale in Canada.


Family Packs--pictured below; single serve pictured after that.





Individual Serve:





Larger images and retail display: